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Frequency of Dental Cleanings

Maintaining a Bright and Healthy Smile

At Blue Quill Dental Centre, our dentists recommend professional teeth cleaning every three to six months to maintain good oral health. However, some individuals’ lifestyle habits or health considerations necessitate visiting more often for cleanings and dental checkups.

The Typical Recommendation

A routine cleaning schedule is once every three to six months for adults. This allows just enough time for tartar to accumulate and early decay to be detected through x-rays and visual examinations by your dentist or hygienist during these visits.

When More Frequent Cleanings Are Necessary

Those at higher risk for tooth decay and gum disease may benefit from 3 or 4 dental cleanings per year instead of only the typical 2. Smoking, diabetes, medications affecting oral health, or conditions impacting brushing and flossing can increase oral health risks. The dentist will assess each individual’s situation, including disease indicators, plaque amounts, and overall vulnerability. More frequent professional cleanings remove bacteria and hardened plaque, helping prevent major oral health issues for those prone to them.

Additionally, some treatments, such as oral appliances or orthodontics, may warrant short-term intensification of dental visits every 3 to 4 months to monitor changes in the mouth. Recent surgery around jaw structures also justifies close attention for proper healing.

Protecting your dental and overall health requires regular cleaning appointments at Blue Quill Dental Centre. Skipping them risks tooth loss, gum disease, high treatment costs, and other oral health impacts – all preventable with simple proactive care. Please get in touch with our office today to schedule an appointment.

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